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  • 2014 Forever Faithful Oshkosh Camporee Registration is open. Pathfinders (9 to 15 yrs. at time of Camporee) and Instructors (16yrs +) can register with $195 per person. Adventurers (4 - 8yrs at time of Camporee) can also register with $75 per person. The Camporee will take place on August 11th to 16th 2014. For more info, go to www.camporee.org or contact Collins at 763 232 3555. In envelopes please indicate Oshkosh and current age of your child
  •  All the youth are invited to the Federation morning and afternoon program next Sabbath 4/30/2011. The afternoon program includes 3 debates, a temperance rally and a Bible Bowl game. The Bible Bowl will be based on general bible knowledge and the motions for the Debates will be as follows;
    • Modesty: It is appropriate to wear any kind of clothing to church‖. 
    • Peer Pressure: It is okay for me to attend a secular activity on Sabbath as long as other Adventist friends are going?
    • Stress: It is wrong to encourage sexually active Adventist youth to practice safe sex?