The United Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church is committed to spread the Three Angels’ Messages to the world and to equip, empower, support and prepare her members for the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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The United Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church (UCSDAC) is part of a worldwide fellowship of believers who choose to follow Jesus Christ. We believe the Church is God's family on earth to spread the good news of a thrilling, exciting life, both now and for eternity. Our desire is for each person to connect (to build a relationship with God and others), grow (to continually learn about God and his great love for us) and serve (to help others as a response to God’s love for us).

          It is in this church where you can worship God while feeling loved and accepted. We are a church where you can heal from past disappointments which has thrown you away, and where you can rejoice as you uncover God’s plan for your life.

          Whether you are searching for the first time or you’ve lost count, you are welcome to join us this Saturday, next Saturday, or all Saturdays for Sabbath worship from 9am -6pm as we seek God together. 
Yours Sincerely,
Pastor Munene Mwangi